Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some Recent Exciting Developments in the Hansen Household

If you have known myself or my children (and by "children" I am here referring to Owen and Carson) for more than 5 minutes, you would assume we have had some "concerns" about the gender of our baby due in May. Strangely, Josh did not feel spending $75 on a visit to Fetal Fotos for an early elective gender scan was worthy of a household expense. So, with the help of my friend Jill (who took my payments, preventing me from spending the money at the gas station) I very painstakingly saved up $50 over several months for the slightly-ghetto Fetal Studio in the mall-where a Lithuanian obstetrician now serving as a Utah-mall-ultrasound tech gave us the news:


I will tell you I have never been more happy to *not* see something in my life.

We celebrated that night with dinner out to the Olive Garden (which Owen likes, since "dey bwing you a wahwet (wallet) wif candy inside") and a pink balloon party for the kids-where they showed far more excitement for the balloons than they did over the fact they are having a baby sister.
You may find it strange that Dylan is wearing a tiny night shirt, while Owen is still wearing his coat. This is simply evidence of how quickly Dylan feels the need to change her clothes the moment upon entering the house.

And in other exciting news: My Hot Sister and her Hot Boyfriend are getting married next month!
For those of you who, like me are: a.) a voyeur and b.) a giant fan of all things "wedding", here are a few of my favorites of their engagement photos:


  1. congrats again on the GIRL!!! I hope you are feeling good! Those pictures are amazing. I am sorry I missed the shower. I will have to see you guys at the wedding!~

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